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you are here. here you may expect to be filled with rants and words that so many people throw out there into the world without a thought, but their meanings never really seem to expand or express the true emotions or experiences of others.

don’t get me wrong, there are some whose rantings i enjoy tremendously, however those are few and far between. and i myself am not one of them.

i prefer to express myself with experiences over words. moments in time that you can recall and relive.

that is what you will find here.

bits and pieces of the world as i experience it. things that say or express thoughts, emotions and ideas that words seem to not be able to properly express.

some things may be of interest to you, some may not. some may not seem to fit here but have connection to a much bigger idea and should be contemplated.

and some are just for fun ;)

explore, learn, experience.