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For those of you into minecraft, there is a project/event that has been extended until may 19th.

the project allows you to edit a giant in-world avatar and add it to the over 60000 other giant avatars on a map that will be bundled and sent to mojang as a ‘thank you’ for such an awesome game.

once complete the map will also be avail for download so you can load it up in your own minecraft client and check out all the awesome creations!

all you need to do to join in on the fun is to load up your client, go to multiplayer>direct_connect and in the ‘server address’ enter and select ‘join server’.

once there there are instruction you can read but basically you just type /start and you will be teleported to a blank giant avatar with your name on it (literrally, it’s on the little sign on the base :P )